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Black Books

Hi there, Sophie here. I've decided to add this page because...I want to, okay! So this will be for interesting things. And now it's Black Books!

For those of you *deprived* people who have never watched an episode of Black Books, here's what it's all about.

Bernard Black
The owner of a small London bookshop, he loves smoking and drinking, and hates customers. When left alone he is unable to care for himself, and is reduced to drinking household solvents - "If you can clean an oven, you can clean me!".

Manny Bianco
A fuzzy-bearded ex-accountant who, upon swallowing "The Little Book of Calm" one day, left his job and discovered Black Books. Thinking it a nice change of pace from his formerly stressful career, he begins work for Bernard - only to find his life made not so easy by having to perform all the domestic duties, and by constantly being shouted at by his ill-tempered boss.

Fran Katzenjammer