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Stuck in a box? E-mail Aunty Letty for some seriously special and practical advice!!

The RANDOM WORD IS SPREADING!!!!!!!! SPREAD IT WITH US! Here to Help, Here to Hear!! It's not ME, ME, ME... IT'S YOU YOU YOU!!! Sweedie... Do it and prove it!

Hi folks! I hope you are all doing well and are not having mental breakdowns etc. But if ya do I'm always here for you! Please remember that a problem shared is a problem halved!! You shud never b afraid to post ure problems, I'm always on msn so I'm always on this site! Here to help and here to hear... Luv Aunty Letty xxx

Hey everyone! HAPPY EASTER! I admit it has been a vvvv long time since I upd8d the page but lets face it, no one looks at it anyway so I can't say it'll make much of a difference if I dont upd8 it! Well, what's been going on in my life I hear u shout with huge interest... Not much! I'm going 2 a ball 2moz nite, yay!!!!! Then skool again. I'm doing lots of OFP and like Gemma I passed my clarinet grade 6 with 115 marks yay!!! I'm also working on 2 James Bond scripts and generally enjoying the LOVELY sun we've had for the last 2 days by sunbathing and playing outdoor sports such as tennis and catching a tennis ball with my brother! br>

It's Letty's Forum! Go and see!

I'm planning on hosting a series of interviews like the one I had with Lucy with various people who are interesting, or who have a peculiar talent they would like to share with the random world. The people I have lined up for the upcoming months are:

Sarah Corbett - who works for... ? Well I don't know. I think its the town council but she might be offended if I said that!

Sooooooo... I apologise profusely for ALL the times I have not updated this site... You will not belive how busy I have been. But all this is about to change! Randomstuff are launching themselves as.... (drumroll please)...
It's random. It's stuff - It's RandomStuff!!! How, you ask, have I managed to update the site while at skool? Well we hacked into the server, accessed the mainframe and did a James bond, Mission Impossible kind of thing... Well actually, not really... All we did was change our address and move the site 2 a new host! We are intending to put Randomstuff as the school's start-up page and publicise it around schools near you! This is including Letty's laughably likeable, loveable but weird sites! I'm going to find weird sites each week, do a link to them and try and create publicity for them. I'll find them by typing random things into a random search engine! (Random is good!) This week I'm searching my name! Letty Thomas! I'll tell you what I come up with further down the page!

One, two three... um... One, two, three... er... Can I start again?

Aunty Letty's Life Updates
Soooooooooooooo... My life upd8s! Well I haven't got much on at the moment, I'm going out with someone which is pretty cool, I have a cold and sore throat, and I wish I was in bed, but apart from that I'm rather peachy! Also I do wish to bring some humour onto my page as well by adding in funny story stuff. If u have any ideas 4 the site feel free 2 contact me with ure ideas coz we need them!!!! Ta very much, Letty xxxxxxx or

Right well I'm stuck on ideas for the site. So, please publicise it. (She laughs weirdly).
Here are my links:
A site with a lot of fanfiction on it... Harry Potter fanction, Lord of the Rings Fanfiction... and so on...

Oskar Foxtrot
A site about that famous, well loved, all singing, all dancing, all acting group.

My Name Site!
The address my name came up with when I typed it into Google...

Hatty's Name Site!
The address Hatty's name came up with on Google. It says here that "7 year old Hatty came 3rd in a judo competition" which is quite near the truth as she used to do kickboxing... Freaky...

Fran's Name Site!
The address Fran's name came up with on Google. It says that "she is an embroiderer, artist and teacher".... It's hilarious!

Cya!! Lots of therapeutic calming not stressful love!! See beyond!! Love Letty xxx

*All typos proudly done by Gem!!* (lol)
Becasue I, Letty, cannot type to save my life which is really sad :(... Although, if I was told that if I didn't type a story correctly I would in fact be horribly killed, I think I'd be able to do it!! But.... if I had to run quickly or be mercilessly slaughtered, well now I'd be in heaven! I'm so weird but I like it! ;)
Yep, so if you have any suggestions for this fantabulistic site, just post a message in my forum, in our chatroom, go on our message board or e-mail us! We love getting e-mails from you, it makes our day!!!! So please go and do it -*NOW*- or eLsE...