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all about us


Wonderful Us
Greetings! Well, we are called Fran, Hatty, Gemma, Jess, Jo, Letty and Sophie. We are seven talented and exceptionally wondeful individuals from the loverly county of Suffolk (no farmer jokes allowed).... We are all pretty fantabulous people really, and we are all great friends! ^_^

One day, Fran, Hatty, Gemma, Jess and Sophie decided it would be rather fun to create a sweet little website of our own. So we did. And look what happened!! It happened! Then, we welcomed little Letty onto the Team, coz she begged us very hard, and she is a great Agony Aunt and can write about a load of issues and all that random rubbish. RandomStuff has continued to grow and go, and we seem to have many loyal and talented fans, who are mostly cool, and all very Random indeed. All very spiffing too. Indeed. Yup. We soon gained another addition to the RandomStuff Team, Jo, who joined us in the fight for Randomness... Her jokes are wildly, weirdly funny, and often involve elephants... Then, Jess had to become a part-time member because she is leaving to go to a boarding school elsewhere for the Sixth Form. This saddens us, but at least she'll be with us in spirit and an online diary! Who knows what will happen next....?

hey you!

The Creators a.k.a. The RandomStuff Team
Here are some short and sweet sentences about ourselves:
Fran is a spiffing featherheaded freak.
Hatty is a rude swanky shopaholic, and a bean.
Gem is a spanktastic looneyish lump.
Jess is a frizzhead. Enough said.
Letty is a wild quivery drama queen.
Sofi is a creative crackpot with fishing fantasies.
Jo is a kindly and mystical nutter.


The Little Details
We go to school. What a drag. We are bad at learning stuff, so who needs school?
We are now in the Lower Sixth and doing AS Levels, all of us except little Letty, who is in Year 11 and working on those GCSE's of hers. How boring.
We are generally nice people, but it depends who you ask about that one.
We are quite random I suppose. We could be juvenile deliquents.
We all love shopping, going to the cinema and talking.
We could be described as weird, but we don't think so...
Sometimes violence is the answer, sometimes it isn't.
We are just people trying to get by. Is that too much to ask?
Blue eyeshadow or pink lipgloss? Not both, that's for sure!!
Us five are nice. NO! Wait! There's 6 of us now... Actually, there's 7. Seven. OK? But one of us is a part-time gal now. Right? Good.
Flowery leggings were in fashion once. Honest.


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We thought it would be cool if we did profiles of ourselves. That will be coming soon! It will be like those annoying forward quizzes that everyone always receives like, so much. But slightly different. Obviously we're not gonna put too much on there profiles but there will be enough to be going on with.

This site is The RandomStuff Team since June 21st 2002